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        Valve manufacturer integrating production, research and development, design and sales


        Valve manufacturer integrating production, research and development, design and sales

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        Zhejiang Yancheng Valve Co., Ltd. is located in Oubei, Wenzhou, the beautiful hometown of pumps and valves in China. It is a professional manufacturer of valves that integrates production, research and development, design and sales.At the same time, the company actively introduces advanced technology at home and abroad and keeps innovating.

        Yancheng Valve has always been committed to relying on technology, continuous innovation and strict management system; A complete set of management system has been established to closely integrate product design, production, sales and service, and strictly guarantee product quality. The company specializes in producing: large diameter gate valve, large diameter check valve and other valves.
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        Find problems from the perspective of customers and provide the best solutions for large-diameter check valves and large-diameter gate valves

        Large diameter gate valve

        Large diameter gate valve

        The large-diameter gate valve is applicable to the small-diameter pipeline with the operating temperature of - 29-425 ° C (carbon steel) or - 29-500 ° C (stainless steel) in Class 150-2500. The large-diameter gate valve is used to close or connect the medium in the pipeline. Use different materials that can be applied to different media (such as water, steam, oil, nitric acid, acetic acid, oxidizing media and urea). It is widely used in oil pipelines.

        Large diameter gate valve is a new type of valve. It has the structure of soft seal and hard seal. The soft seal consists of a movable valve seat and a replaceable rubber ring, so it is easy to replace the worn seal ring. The large-diameter gate valve completely makes up for the inconvenience caused by PTFE sealing and processing in the past. The large-diameter gate valve bracket also adopts cast plastic structure, which makes the valve more durable and easy to use.

        Large diameter check valve

        Large diameter check valve

        The large-diameter check valve is an essential key valve in the water supply pipeline, which can prevent water from flowing back to the return pump pipeline and prevent water hammer and noise in the pipeline. Various types of check valve products can be installed according to user needs. The large diameter check valve conforms to the hydraulic contour design, and the streamlined water channel and internal reverse fluid design can reduce the pressure loss in the pipeline.

        Large diameter check valve is usually installed at the outlet of large water pump. It can be quickly closed before the water flow reverses to prevent water hammer, water hammer noise, destructive impact, achieve the purpose of silence, prevent medium backflow and protect the equipment. Large-diameter check valves are widely used in large water supply and drainage, fire protection, HVAC, industrial and other system pipelines. Check valves shall be installed in equipment, equipment and pipelines to prevent media backflow.

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        Large-diameter gate valve manufacturer integrating production, research and development, design and sales

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